Photo Gallery

This is a Photo Album full of Wonderful Memories! Come and visit and create your own unforgettable album of’s friend Liz came to visit her in October 2016.  

Here’s a quick glimpse of wonderful hustling and bustling Amman.img_2648A conversation over fruit, Downtown Ammanimg_0023Beautiful fruit is always available in Amman and all of Jordanimg_0048Liz and Bev at Books@Cafe, Near Rainbow Street, Ammanimg_0044The Duke’s Diwan, Downtown Ammanimg_0040img_0039Lunch just off King Faisal Street, looking down from the Duke’s Diwanimg_0034King Faisal Street, looking down from the Duke’s Diwanimg_0054The Citadel – set high on one of Amman’s 21 hills … a must seeimg_0055img_0059

After Amman, Liz and Bev visited Dana Nature Reserve, Wadi Rum, Wadi Araba, Little Petra, Shobak Castle, and Petra – below are just a sampling of the pictures taken by

Little Petra can be overlooked … please don’t! It has it’s own Siq and is a lovely quiet place to walk.  You cannot help but find yourself thinking about how civilisation evolved here and supported the Silk Road traders who came all the way from China. It was the first stop made by the Caravaners from the East before they came to the Rose Red city of Petra.img_0085img_0087img_0090img_0094img_0098img_0099img_2885This photo is courtesy of lovely Sonia!  In December 2016 she visited Bev’s daughter, Steph. 

They all popped out to Little Petra and climbed the stairs at the end of Little Petra’s Siq and found a great little shop that offered free sweet tea, lovely views and very nice jewellery.

Bev’s purchase … too beautiful to resist!website-logo-bedayah-copyIt was perfect October weather and both Liz and Bev joined the Twassi family in the olive harvest.img_0328img_0386img_0336img_0342img_0334img_0320Somebody was watching us all the time!website-logo-bedayah-copyDana Nature Reserve is next.  Dana Biosphere Reserve’s animals and plants are exceptional – experts say that this combination of rare flora and fauna in a single area is unrivaled in Jordan. img_0428The old village of Dana is beautifulimg_0434img_0420… and then there’s Dana’s countrysideimg_0444img_0481img_0484img_0491website-logo-bedayah-copyBev and Liz also visited Showbak Castle. It is a castle in splendid isolation. A very powerful place. Showbak Castle was originally a Crusader castle and it’s original name was Montreal.  No, Canada’s Montreal did not copy the name, it’s a coincidence. img_0217img_2703img_0234img_0229img_0211Version 2img_0238website-logo-bedayah-copy

And then there’s Petra! It’s Jordan’s most treasured archeological site and the reason we all came.img_0113img_0196img_0119img_0122img_0166img_2676img_0163img_0164img_0130img_0127img_0165img_0156img_0140img_0184img_0185img_2382website-logo-bedayah-copy

Wadi Rum was incredible for Bev and Liz. They did some wild camping finding a cave tucked into the sandstone rocks and slept under the stars.  No visit to Jordan is complete without visiting Wadi Rum.  Did you know that the Star Wars 2017 movie was partly filmed there?img_0254img_0256img_0258img_0261img_0269img_0270img_0272img_0287img_0292img_0293website-logo-bedayah-copyNear the end of Bev and Liz’s time together they went over the mountain pass from Beida to Wadi Araba … on their way they found a little coffee shop on the mountain pass … This is little place is without doubt one of the best places to drink coffee and has the best view EVER!! img_2744img_2745img_2746website-logo-bedayah-copy

In December 2016 Priscilla and Stacey came to stay and decided to go to Petra via the back route.  These are only a few of the pictures Priscilla took … there were so many more beautiful shots.img_5359img_5428img_5373img_5403img_5487img_5426img_5476Was it really all about the men serving the coffee and offering Shisha that made them take the back route to Petra???!!!

No! it was all about the Monastery …img_5447img_5471… and the treasury!img_5600