The Founding of Bedayah Bed and Breakfast

This Blog Post is from the original owner of Bedayah, Bev Taylor. Barbara and Bev met when Barbara came to stay for a month in June of 2017 … they became fast friends and Barbara is now the proud owner of Bedayah Bed and Breakfast … for a glimpse into how Bedayah came into being read on.

In December 2016, Bev wrote:

I’m on a wonderful – some might say crazy journey!  I’m an American and British Citizen who has found herself living in and loving a new adventure in Jordan.  I’ve been around Jordan for a long time – 11 years actually!  But 2016 found me making a life changing decision – I decided to move lock, stock, and barrel to Jordan.

How did I end up here – totally changing my career and home?

It all began eleven years ago when our daughter met and married a great guy from Petra, Jordan.  And that meant that I found myself spending more and more time visiting this stunning country.

During this time I was working for myself under the name ‘Startled Chameleon’.  I was coaching, counselling and training … generally helping people ease into the changes they needed to make in their lives.

Around 2014 I began to have niggles – I wanted a really total change in career and country. Making a very long story – short – I came to realise that my ‘niggles’ were right and that it was time to put everything down and go on an adventure. And that adventure meant moving to be closer to my daughter and her family and to work in tourism.  (It’s interesting for me to think back to a time – perhaps 2001 – when someone asked me the typical coaching question: ‘If you couldn’t fail and money was no object … what would you do’?  And I said ‘I would work in tourism’! At that time it made no sense, nor could I imagine how it could happen, so I put it safely to the back of my mind).

It took a few years but the answer to that question presented itself and … well here I am.  Running a B & B and helping my daughter with her community initiative that includes eco experiences and tourism.

FOOTNOTE: I spent 15 months in Jordan. It’s beauty, peacefulness and wonderful people have touched my life.  I’m now back in the UK and exploring the world with England as my base.  Barbara and I are kindred spirits. We both love travelling and have found in Jordan a place to call home. I know you will love meeting her and discovering Petra with Bedayah as your base.


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